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Morning News by MARX77

I like this image very much. The subject placement to the left is of course stylish but is also a statement of value for the visual environment in which the subject resides, a value held highly for street photography. The shoes off the feet, the funky hair, the appearance of the newspaper, and just the right amount of face showing all add immensely to the viewing experience. One could argue that some defocus of the background might add a certain elation of subject value to the image, but this is of course not possible to the extent that a longer lens isn't on the camera. Street photography is generally thought of as the province of the normal to wide range of lenses. I also experience the clock as a contradiction to the readers relaxed pose (shoes off) and creates a tension which I like.
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MARX77 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012   Photographer
Thank you for your most excellent feedback, Mark.
Much appreciated!
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